Photos of Lebanon from the past 130 years

Here is a collection of old photos dating back to 1890, from Lebanon. The outside world has a huge misconception of Lebanon, as the news media always portrays it as a war torn country. It’s a shame that we do not see its beauty.

Lebanon is know for it’s food, climate and hospital people. It is also the only Arabic speaking country with a Christain president. As seen in tourism videos, if you go at the right time if the year, it is possible to go swimming and then in the same day go up into the mountains and go skiing. The temprature at sea level is warm enough for swimming, if that is too hot for you, excape from the heat is a short drive up into the mountains for some releif. If that is still too warm for you, go up higher for yet cooler temperatures.

Enjoy these photos of the beautiful country to see how it looked back in the day.