Eating healthier, better choices

Because good health is our choice, it is not always easy to choose the best food option. It is no longer based on what we’re craving, or what taste the best. We are looking more into what ingredients are in the food we are consuming and thinking about how this will affect our body.

There are lots of international cuisines that have healthy options. Middle Eastern cuisine is one of them and is considered to be one of the healthiest. There are some very interesting recipes that provide a good balance of vegetable, protein and carb.

For example, the Malfouf platter in Tripoli Restaurant is nice balanced meal combining vegetables, protein and carbs and is flavored with strong healthy spices.

Malfouf - Stuffed cabbage

Cabbage is packed with vitamins, fiber, and minerals. It has the highest amount of some of the most powerful antioxidants found in vegetables.

Cabbage may protect against several types of cancer, including breast, colon, and prostate cancer

Cabbage is packed with Vitamin C, and is an excellent source of Vitamin K. It contains powerful antioxidants that may help reduce inflammation and is a low-calorie vegetable. It also helps lower the bad cholesterol levels, which can lead to heart disease. Consuming cabbage may help keep your heart healthy and lower blood pressure. It also helps improve digestion.

Cabbage is very easy to add to your diet. It makes a tasty and inexpensive addition to a number of recipes.